Multiple evening events… Maximize your talent and save money.

Most Incentive Programs require music and entertainment over a 2, 3, or 4 day period. Any time you have multiple evening events you can save a great deal of money and simplify your planning and coordination efforts by using your hired talent for more than one event.

Not every performer or band has the flexibility to be successful at this and if you are using a headliner one night,  or in some cases your talent for a theme event is so unique or customized… it would be awkward to try to do it. But I have had much success for over 2 decades doing this and I know at least a dozen popular -regional acts around the country who are capable of being successful at doing it too.

How you will save money… and coordination time:

  • multi-date discount from the talent – most will give you a 20-30% discount for extra dates.
  • if your event is international… requiring work permits… they are usually for a 30 day period – so you pay for fewer permits, and you spread the cost of the permits over each performance.
  • tech support – band gear, sound and lighting, etc… can be negotiated for multiple dates for a significant savings. You’ll save 20 to 30% … when you rent for the additional nights.
  • simplify your production needs and coordination. Of course…  you will want the music and entertainment to change each night… but your talent’s production needs should not change.

How do you make sure it won’t sound and look the same at each event?

For over 20 years I have been using, and teaching others,  these simple strategies to make sure… sameness is avoided:

  • Change the music… your event will dictate what is appropriate. Most often for Incentive Programs there is a welcome reception on arrival day… a small smooth jazz band is all that is required for background – easy listen music. Then for the Awards event… where it is often a formal vibe… the band would play more sophisticated background during dinner – then some “cheek to cheek” dancing after the awards… along with a bit of classic R&R. Then for the final night… a Theme event… the talent would play more contemporary high energy dance music along with any special music to support the theme.
  • Change the configuration of the band… number of performers… following the above example of 3 nights – your first night would be 3-5 performers. The second evening for your Awards event you could add in a vocalist or two, and/or a few horns to get that sophisticated “Cheek to Cheek” dance music sound … plus the Classic R&R sound. For the Final Night Theme Event you could add in additional vocalists and horns along with choreographed dancers to really flush out the theme and step up the energy.
  • Change the attire… following the same above example… for your welcome event… the small band would be in resort casual attire or the standard  background musicians black suit!  For the  second night formal event…  band in Tuxedo. For the final night… band and dancers in fun costumes that support your theme.

Even if you only use your talent for 2 nights… you come out ahead.

I had concerns of diluting the impact – or –  of over exposure… when we started having success doing this…  and asked for feedback. What we consistently got back from planners and attendees was…  most people did not know it was the same band – and the ones that did… the 20% or so in every group who really connect with the music and dance all night(!)… had a very positive experience. Comments were usually about how excited they were that the band was returning, and how impressed they were… with the band being capable of playing such diverse music.

Once again… a win-win!

You save money and time… your guests get to have a great entertainment experience… and the talent is maximized.

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  1. Kim Boriin Says:
    November 9th, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Great insights and spoken like a true artistic professional, thank you for the chance to read your advice.

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